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What is 360Score.Me?

A 360 degree review tool for organizations to allow their employees to anonymously provide feedback to each other

EMPOWER all of your STAFF

We send periodic reviews in all directions across your organization from owners to managers and everyone in between. This enables every employee, regardless of level, to impact company culture, give truth to power, and identify company blind spots.



Surveys are sent out to everyone who is connected. The closer you are to someone in the org chart, the more impact your score has on them



Ultimately you get a 360 score that reflects your reputation in the eyes of everyone you work with.



It’s not a surprise teammates treat each other better in organizations that measure how teammates treat each other.

How Would Your Coworkers Score You?

Letter Grade 360score Description
A+ 97-100 Legendary, Best in Class
A 93-96 Top Performer
A- 90-92 Exceptional
B+ 87-89 Strong Player
B 83-86 Solid Player
B- 80-82 Above Average
C+ 77-79 Slightly Above Average
C 73-76 Average
C- 70-72 Slightly Below Average
D+ 67-69 Needs Improvement
D 63-66 Struggling
D- 60-62 We Got Problems
F 0-59 Needs to Go

  Protecting Anonymity

Protecting anonymity of 360 score responses is of paramount concern. If coworkers fear their identity will be known they will on average artificially inflate their scores by approximately 5-10 points due to fear of blowback. This means your 360scores may end up being fake or simply a popularity contest. You will lose the power of honest feedback, and low performers will not be sufficiently differentiated from middling performers.
Here are some notes on how we protect anonymity:

  1. Individual responses are always completely anonymous. Supervisors only see aggregate scores and comments.
  2. Supervisors will only see scores after at least 5 unique anonymous scores have been given for an individual. This ensures that supervisors cannot try to figure out who is scoring who purely based on timing.
  3. There is no premium subscription plan or dollar amount that supervisors or companies can pay us to make individual reviews not anonymous. They will have to write their own software, because our platform will not allow it.
  4. Comments and additional questions are also completely anonymous.
  5. Scores are weighted based on how closely you work with an individual and their previous scoring trends and reputation, so reverse engineering on who scored you what is not as simple as just breaking down an average.

 What Can Go Wrong

Before your organization starts using 360Score.Me a couple words of warning. It can be the best thing ever for building a strong, honest, healthy team of high performers, however if you have a toxic culture it may not be for you. Here is a list of things that can go wrong if you or your staff have the wrong attitude in using the tool:

  1. Popularity contest
  2. Brown nosing, kissing up
  3. Collusion
  4. Payback
  5. Bullying
  6. Fear of payback due to distrust of anonymity
  7. Fluff answers due to distrust of anonymity
  8. Unnecessary anxiety for top performers

 What Can Go Right

The best employees should be recognized and rewarded, and those that provide organizational drag should not be able to hide in the shadows. That is why 360Score.Me is a game changer, because it scientifically aggregates and calculates an individual’s reputation from everyone they interact with and turns it into a quantifiable 360Score. This 360Score can then be used to reward, recognize or coach staff into developing into the best versions of themselves. Your reputation should be your wealth, however to improve your reputation you need to know what it is.

  1. Being a Teammate is elevated and recognized
  2. Celebrating excellence in performance, teamwork, core values
  3. Culture of openness and honesty
  4. Positive reinforcement
  5. Constructive criticism
  6. Confidence in knowing where you stand , eliminate ambiguity
  7. Radical candor
  8. Necessary anxiety for low performers