360Score.Me Testimonials

Watch and learn about the experiences of the users of 360Score.Me.

Brianna Hellrigel, Senior Marketing Specialist
"Hearing this type of feedback was very important to hear very early on in my career."

Robert Bufano, Financial Controller - As a Teammate
"That was another touch point that was great to hear and I am always trying to remember that when I am trying to present information."

Michelle Bajwa, Co-Founder
"Started getting feedback that was more encouraging in the sense of 'I’ve seen Michelle trying to put herself out there more and I like that'."

John Oh, IT Service Coordinator
"That’s helped me foster a more genuine relationship with the people I work with."

Robert Bufano, Financial Controller - As a Supervisor
"It gives me a benchmark on how to see progress."

Kris Laskarzewski, Managing Director
"This tool really blends in the philosophy of just providing feedback."

Nick McCourt, Cyber Security Engineer
"Moving forward, while I am still very direct, I am definitely more polite."