Feedback Tools: Keeping Your Remote Workplace Culture Transparent

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By: Brianna Hellrigel

How do you keep a pulse on your organization’s culture while working remotely? How do you make sure that your culture is healthy, not losing steam, and not burnt out? Feedback tools and company surveys are a valuable way to gain insight into the minds of your employees and workplace culture. Giving your employees the platform to voice their experiences and opinions will not only help them feel heard, it will also increase transparency in your organization.

During this time of remote work, the lack of face-to-face interaction has brought many communication barriers into the workplace. For example, you can’t have a quick chat at the water cooler, read a coworker’s body language, or get a true understanding of how they are feeling. Adjusting to daily virtual interactions has definitely been a challenge for many, but you truly don’t know how everyone’s experience has been without asking them directly.

Tracking and monitoring team morale will help leadership understand how the team is feeling and when to come up with ideas to boost morale such as Zoom happy hours or fun lunches with virtual games. During remote times, this can help mimic the social interactions that an in-office environment offers. This will help remind the team that work and their coworkers goes beyond their computer screens.

Many people feel there is no reason to go back into the office, but some people feel they are more productive in an in-person office environment. The biggest challenge for leadership is not measuring employee performance, but rather cultivating and maintaining company culture. Coordinating activities, providing feedback, and career growth is just not the same through a screen. How can you balance the employees desire to remain working from home, while keeping your company culture alive? Turn to your employees to find out.

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